Why did I create Real Life Nutrition?

While I was battling my addiction with alcohol and prescription medication, I came to a cross roads in my life. Not only was I addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs but my body and nervous system were almost beyond repair. I had strayed so far from the nutritional principals and training that I had previously followed and taught during my career in the Natural Products Industry. To top it all off, I was 263 pounds and out of shape. What could I do?

Have you ever had a moment where you felt as if you needed to change your health or desired for something to happen?

For myself and others, including you,  there are two directions. One direction was to continue being bitter about my health, life,  and situation which would continue me on a path of destruction. This was the easy route; along with a potentially fatal one.

The other direction was to seek and put into action the help I needed and craved. That help was precluded by one last grip of strength from my soul to stay alive and to become a better, more loyal, productive person. Even more than the person I was before my addiction began!

Which route do you want to take? Are you feeling lost on how to get the results you want with your life?

Good news!

I promised myself that I would get healthy mentally and physically to be in a position to help others. While on my journey back to health I realized that people wanted my help with their struggles whether it was addiction, weight loss, or nutritional challenges.

At Real Life Nutrition we share the secrets about starting you in the right direction.

First is action. Are you determined to start taking action today to get on the right path? I would like to congratulate for being here! You are in the right place.

Second is mindset. What mindset do you have to really make what you desire a reality?

Third is feeding your body with real nutrition and REAL quality supplements.

Combine the three and you will be a Thriver!

My background is in the Natural Product’s Industry. I helped develop or worked closely with many leading companies in the Natural Product’s Industry. This experience allowed me to be empowered with knowledge, know-how, and to be able to inspire and share this with others.

With my knowledge and network of experts, I realized it is selfish not to share this gift and make a positive impact in peoples lives. My company brings you the best experts in the areas of Addiction Recovery, Fitness, and Nutrition. Not only do we have the best products on the planet, we also feature real people just like you with real life struggles. Each of us have our struggles and stories. Real Life Nutrition is a platform for Real people to share their Real Life stories of personal triumph.

We are here for you and your loved ones every step of the way. What’s your story? Be sure to send it to us under the “what’s your story” section on our home page, to be considered for a featured story!

Healthy Regards,