Bryan Mudge

My name is Bryan Mudge

I am the Co-Founder of Real Life Nutrition, I felt compelled to share my story with the world! I am a recovered alcoholic and addict and I am Thriving today! This was not always the case though. The disease of alcoholism and addiction took a toll on my soul and ravished those around me, particularly my family.

My story started out great! I had what many people call “The American Dream”. I was a very successful business man, materially well off, a proud father of three great boys, and a respectful husband. I didn’t know at the time that the path I was on was about to change my life and my children’s lives forever.  I found myself addicted to alcohol and prescription medication! I put that habit ahead of all of the things I valued the most, my children, my relationships, and my health. For seven long years I was in and out of jails, detoxes, and hospitals.

Always with a renewed sense of vigor, I would say “this time would be different.” I thought I could beat this monster on my own. Because I had accomplished so many things personally and professionally previously to my bout with addiction, I was too prideful to surrender and get help early on. My oldest brother lost his life in 2015 to addiction and I saw how this devastated my family and my nephew. After much destruction that  I caused my family, friends, and close business acquaintances, I finally chose to get the help I needed with my addiction.

I thought I could beat this monster on my own.

At this time I was 263 lbs. I asked my (ex) wife Ana Lucia -Gallardo at the time, to take a picture of me so I could show the world I could get back in shape like I was before my addiction started. My mind was made up so I hired a personal trainer. I found out that my nervous system was torn apart and damaged, almost to the point of no return, from alcohol and prescription drugs during one more battle with a relapse. This time it almost cost me my life. My mind was made up and I was willing to do what it took to get better. All of that knowledge and experience about nutrition and diet I had within me started to burn inside of me.

On my journey back to health, I made a decision that if and when I got my family and health back, I would share this story with the world. It would include my failure’s, trials, and the valuable things that I had learned from them. My story became a source of inspiration, hope, and strength to many people battling with addiction. To my amazement, it was also just as beneficial to countless others that needed a drastic change in their mind-set to accomplish their goals and their dreams.

So, I decided to shoot a film about my long, hard road with addiction and share it with you! I also felt the need to create a platform where others with similar experiences, weight problems, and personal triumphs could come and share their experiences. I created Real Life Nutrition that focuses on mind-set, nutrition, and fitness!

Whatever it is that you need to overcome, do not let anyone, or the fear of anyone, keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Please learn to be humble, respectful, and be willing to roll your sleeves up and do the work hard, it will pay off, I promise! Along my journey there were many tears, damaged and lost relationships that are still painful to think about. But I take it one day at a time. I decided to create a company based on my journey and I used my addiction, which was my greatest liability, and turned it into my greatest asset to help others.

Today I am able to help people with their addiction, families that have been affected by addiction, and countless others that need support mentally, physically and nutritionally. From the bottom of my heart to you, I hope that your journey back to health is as fruitful as mine has been.

I say that happiness is in the journey and not the destination. For me there is no destination, just a  journey filled with benchmarks of accomplishments and pitfalls. Not everyday is a joyous one, but everyday is now a success on this  side of my addiction.

Please watch and share my story with anyone you know that is in need of inspiration and help.

For me there is no destination, just a journey filled with benchmarks of accomplishments and some pitfalls.


– Bryan